This type of the packaging is demanded in some countries for smaller sizes (23x48 mm, 23x100 mm, 48x48 mm). The larger sizes are usually nevertheless delivered in standard packaging, as the individual small bundles otherwise become too heavy.

This type of packaging means a lot of work and costs, as this work needs to be performed manually at our terminal in Koper.

4–10 pieces of timber are taken and bound together with a plastic band.

This type of packaging provides some benefits but also has some drawbacks:

The wood remains straighter and cannot warp so easily. The sale of small quantities is made easier.

There is no air circulation between the layers. This can result in blue stain on the wood, in particular if the wood is delivered fresh, dried wood comes into contact with rain or is exposed to dampness (e.g. on the ship).

With this type of packaging, we recommend to order the timber antistain treated as well as dried to prevent blue stain. In addition, the timber should only be stored under the roof. Sufficient air circulation must also be ensured at all times.

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