1. stk traenkungWhat is chemical treatment?
    The timber is impregnated with a colourless, non-odorous, chemical substance, which prevents the growth of that kind of fungus which causes blue-stain.

  2. There are 2 different ways of chemical treatment:

    a) Piece by piece:
    During treatment piece by piece all timber surfaces are moistened with the chemical substance. In this case packing can be done without sticks in between the layers whereby less space is required for the transportation on vessels, waggons and trucks. The packages are more compact and dirt is barely able to penetrate them.

    The piecewise treatment is not possible during winter due to low temperatures. We also want to point out that bundles packed without sticks must be unpacked within maximum three months after production.

    b) Bundlewise: 
    The whole package is dropped into a tank filled with 95-97% water and 3-5% of the anti-fungicide chemical.

  3. traenkung2Are there any health implications when getting in contact with impregnated timber?
    After the packages are dried off in the open air, there are no health implications to apprehend.

    On demand certificates can be presented which confirm that the impregnation is done according to the advised safety regulations.

  4. Note
    Especially when sub-bundling is requested we recommend chemical treatment. We want to point out that chemical treatment is only possible at temperatures over the freezing point. Impregnated timber should not be exposed to heavy rain.

    In general we want to point out that the impregnated timber remains protected against blue stain only for a limited time.

  5. Alternatives to chemical treatment:

    a) Air drying
    b) Chamber drying

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