Retz-BaggerAs Austria is a country without access to the sea, we ship via the Adriatic port of Koper in Slovenia. On demand we can also dry, impregnate, pack, sub-bundle and label the timber. We have our own office in the port, whose employees oversee the manipulations and loadings.

Depending on the agreement, we deliver European softwood (spruce, fir, pine), Lev 0-III quality in accordance with the Austrian Timber Trade usages 2006.

Free from heart rot and broken pieces, generally sharp-edged. The proportion of pieces and the size of wane are subject to agreement; in the event that an agreement is reached for spruce/fir/pine, up to 5 % of individual pieces of larch may be included as well.

Packages are bundled with PET- or steel straps each linear meter. The majority of the goods are press packaged and every package is given our plastic cards, which contains all details – including a bar code where necessary.

Wood inspection:

On request we offer an inspection carried out by one of the brokers of the Vienna Commodity Exchange free of charge. Subject to a fee, we can also offer you wood checks via SGS.


We offer the following packaging types:

Standard Packages:

Container Packages:


We can provide the following extras subject to an additional charge:

Ship loading and unloading


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